Junior 6 Wants Some More S'MORES


Last Thursday, as it was my last day in the Junior 6 classroom, we had a United States of America Day. I taught students a little about U.S. American history, symbols and holidays. One of the ones we spent the most time talking about was the Fourth of July. Together we talked about the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Argentinian Independence Days. After our discussion I introduced the "special American treat" I had been hinting about for the past two weeks -- S'MORES! 

To keep from straying too much from curriculum content, I showed students on How-To Guide for making S'MORES. We read the mixed up directions, put them in order and then identified whether the sentences were in passive or active voice. After completing this task a class, it was time to make this delectable treat for the now extremely excited students to try. 

In Argentina of course they have chocolate. However, I was surprised to learn that they also have marshmallows, as my research I conducted while in the States told me the country lacked this particular snack. The big mystery for my students was the elusive and exotic graham cracker. They had never seen or heard of it before and, upon having a taste, were asking me every two minutes which store I found them out. Needless to say, they were crushed to learn that I brought them with me from America. 

For twenty-seven of the twenty-eight students this was there first time eating a S'MORE. And, after we made them, I had twenty-eight students who had a new favorite snack!



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