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Lasting Impressions

Though this trip has certainly had ups and downs, I think the good experiences trumped all the anxiety inducing ones. If I learned anything from this student teaching placement abroad, it's that though every school of every district of every of every city of every province or state of every country of every continent may have a different way of doing things. It's important to remember that each rule, each policy, each decision made by students, parents, teachers and faculty alike are a direct product of the environment in which they take place. 

One glaringly obvious difference between what I've experienced in the States and here in Argentina is the way school and classroom operations work. Classroom management styles, for example, are extremely different. Where Argentina might be more strict on a certain policy, the United States may be more lax, and vice versa. However, at the same time, one glaringly obvious fact is that one way is certainly not better than the other. Wha…

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