Bus Tour

So last Sunday we took a beautiful bus tour around the city center. Here are some of the pictures I took. 

Disclaimer: These photos in no way capture the beauty of the place.

Dedication mural to Eva Perón (the late, first lady of Argentina from 1946-1952)

An establishment that honors a world famous,"Kentucky Classic"... deep dish pizza...

Authentic Kentucky pizza 5,300 miles away from home.

A Sunday at San Telmo market.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

El jefe - Señor Guillermo Alio. A local, hilarious, water color artist.

The 20 second "tango drawing" Señor Alio created using my name as a thank you for my purchase.

What 490 well spent Argentinian pesos looks like after an afternoon of street fair shopping.  

A river view by La Boca.

Floralis Genérica (a gift to the city Buenos Aires from the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano, located in  Plaza de las Naciones Unidas).  

Some tall buildings I had to stare at for 30 minutes while we waited for a boat to pass through the river that runs through part of the city.

One of the many equestrian monuments scattered throughout the city.


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